dick harder than the times we live in

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Spent hella long making a chracter in GTA Online tweaking my grandparents physical appearance and shit. Then when I finally get through 30 minutes of fine tweaking I press continue

"Sorry, Rockstars servers are a literal piece of shit. We’re not joking, if you visit one of our data centers you will find an air conditioned room with human feces that have cables coming out of them. Those cables connect to your home. All that work you did will not be saved. LOL"


amygames: Things to do whilst waiting for GTA Online to sort it's shit out


1) Play the story.

2) Kill some people, switch to the fourth character slot and try to connect again

3) Fail

4) Make a sandwich

5) Switch to the fourth character slot.

6) Fail

7) Try and outwit GTA Online and select ‘Solo Session’, thinking you can get a head start, make some money, set…

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